Wednesday, 27 April 2016


The comfort of a warm bed and soft blanket makes waking up almost impossible but if you are a morning person like I am, this is the best part of your day! So if you create a routine and set out to complete a few tasks before your day starts will leave you energized and make you feel accomplished before your day has even begun.
You can try some of my suggestions, it's not that hard, the only trick that I have is to enjoy!

                                      Grab a coffee or a tea and get inspired from the magazines. Pinterest is allowed too. ;)

                                              Take time for breakfast. French toast? Yes, please! (find the recipe here)

                                  Or make a super yummy strawberry smoothie in two minutes! (find the recipe here)

                                                                                       Sweat it out.

                          Or take a dip. If you have a swimming pool close to your home, morning swim is just what you need.

                                                                                     Visit the market and stare at the flowers.

                                                                                   Bring a bouquet to your work. (or home)

                                                                                            Explore your own city.

                                                                                     Find the hidden streets and take a snap. ;)

                                                                                           Take a break and grab a coffee.

                                                           If you are not feeling the morning activities you can always read a book.

                                                                              Or just chill and do nothing.

See? I told ya, it's easy! You just have to do whatever makes you happy, whether is that yoga, 5 minutes workout or starring at the sun before you dressed up make sure you stick to it throughout the month to see the full benefits. If you wake up 30 minutes earlier, and actually get up without snoozing your alarm clock, these 30 minutes can make a world of difference when you want to get a little more done or just to simply have a more relaxing morning and day full of energy.


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