Friday, 9 August 2013

I Love Everything On This Page

I have been collecting super-easy sewing ideas for when I get my sewing machine. I know some things about myself: I am impatient and like instant gratification, for example. So I am gathering up jiffy projects that even I will be able to do in one afternoon. ☺

I came across this tutorial and I know I can do this! I'm on the hunt now for appropriate scarves. The resulting slouchy top looks like my style. And since I've also been looking for platinums to show my hair stylist, double success! Love this near-white hair.

From the blog Talk2The Trees.

I also like the choppy short do, but my hair will never behave that way without torturing it daily. I'm looking at crazy curly styles to compliment my new (end of August) hair color. This one looks do-able and modern:

This models has lots more hair than I do, but I think the cut could still work.


Any hair changes on your agenda?

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Have a splendid weekend!


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